What Are the Great Benefits of NVMe Hosting?


Businesses crave performance and capacity for their websites. To deliver that, storage providers stepped away from standard drives to meet the growing needs of data-driven businesses, introducing NVMe technology. As traction around NVMe grew, many website owners wondered ‘What is NVMe hosting after all?’, ‘Should I upgrade to NVMe?’. Before switching to NVMe-based hosting, it’s worth looking into its benefits and learning how it actually works and how different NVMe drives are from their predecessors.

NVMe hosting: Fast ins and outs

NVMe is an acronym for Non-Volatile Memory Express. NVMe helps transmit data between computers (hosts) and storage devices over the PCI Express (PCIe) bus. Basically, NVMe is a way to access non-volatile memory that holds data even if there is a power shutdown. To learn more about the intricate work of NVMe drives, read the HostPro blog.

What are the major advantages of NVMe hosting?

NVMe can impress anyone with its characteristics. As of today, there’s no other drive in the market that can promise such performance and ensure websites’ productivity at a consistently high level.

NVMe is fast

Data is processed at a high speed which is crucial given the number of requests each website visitor can produce. SATA SSDs can brag the read speed of up to 550 MB per second. Their write speed equals 520 MB per second. With NVMe, the read speed reaches a whooping 6200 MB per second and the write speed amounts to 2900 MB per second. NVMe is said to deliver even greater speeds than these in the long run.

NVMe beats traditional hosting

HDD drives and SSDs limit access to data while NVMe drives give total freedom. The latency of the spinning platter in HDD lies in the time necessary for the read/write head to find the required chunk of data. Since data is randomly stored on a rotating disk, it takes the read/write head longer to find the necessary bit. As a result, the user experiences longer load times before they actually land on the web page of interest.

On the other hand, regular SSDs don’t rely on spinning parts and use solid construction microchips. Nonetheless, SATA lanes, the protocols that connect the device with the server, make data transfer slow.

NVMe beats both HDDs and SSDs with its data distribution. There are no moving parts, nor there’s SATA or SAS. NVMe accesses information immediately since NVMe selects data required and there’s no need to follow some specific order. This makes websites super fast and the navigation smooth for the end user.

NVMe delivers the best performance

The architecture of NVMe ensures unrivaled performance. The queue management NVMe utilizes serves as the foundation for high performance. NVMe can actually support over 65,000 input/output (I/O) queues. Each queue may have over 65,000 entries. In a nutshell, legacy interfaces can only deal with a single block of data whereas NVMe works with as much as 65,000 data blocks at a time.

NVMe is eco-friendly

NVMe delivers high performance and consumes less energy, saving up to 97% of power when idle. This can benefit the enterprises that provide hosting services. NVMe is all about smart queueing and efficient workload since the drives utilize a low-power standby mode.

Giving businesses a boost

Enterprises expect storage media to work fast and flawlessly as there’s lots of data involved. NVMe can perfectly cater to the new requirements while analyzing, storing, and processing data at speeds untold.

By establishing an NVMe ecosystem, website owners can reap maximum returns. Projects involving machine learning and IoT can also benefit from the NVMe infrastructure given that NVMe needs the least number of central processing units (CPU) to handle all data operations.

Data-driven decisions can be made faster as the NVMe-based platforms rely on the efficiency the drives provide. The automobile industry, medical field, entertainment, and many other areas can boost their business processes with NVMe. Needless to say, data centers are actively implementing NVMe-enabled systems to ensure productive computing environments for their clients.

NVMe technology is the way to excellence

NVMe hosting is a game changer for consumers and vendors. It can actually invade the market in the nearest future due to its improved performance. As NVMe is applicable for nearly every website and every industry, website owners will make a swift switch to the new interface, experiencing low latency and unprecedented speed.

Clients at HostPro can leverage NVMe hosting and powerful processors. They can also entrust website maintenance and server-related issues to a team of qualified experts. If you’re searching for a hosting provider to partner with, feel free to order hosting from HostPro.